The following play is based off of actual interviews that were conducted during the fall of 2005 and the spring of 2006. The names and locations have all been changed in order to not only protect the interviewees, but to also provide them with a sense of anonymity.

While it was imperative to me to retell these stories as accurately as they were relayed, small amounts of artistic license have been taken to help flesh out the structure and overall narrative of the piece. It was my goal with this play to not give into sensationalism, but rather to respect the integrity and honesty of those individuals that shared with me their darkest, most private memories, and to tell their stories as best as I possibly could.

This play is dedicated to them.

Award Winner! Winner, Audience Favorite, Downtown Urban Arts Festival, New York, NY June 2019

Finalist, Rave Theatre Festival, New York, NY, May 2019

Downtown Urban Arts Festival, New York, NY, May 2019 (Arielle Sosland, Dir.)

Award Winner! Winner, Best Script, Playwright Forum, January 2014

Horizon Theatre, Atlanta, GA, June 2008 (Reading)

St. Mary-of-the-Woods, IN, October 2007 (Arthur Feinsod, Dir.)