The Wizard of Oz meets Choose Your Own Adventure in this fresh and fast-paced retelling of the L. Frank Baum classic in which the audience plays playwright and gets the chance to change everything from Dorothy’s footwear (silver slippers or ruby red…clown shoes?) to Toto’s species (lion, tiger or octopus?—oh my!) to the Witch’s flying footmen.

A delight for children of all ages,

Choose Your Own Oz

reminds us all that at the end of the day, there really is no place like home.

Wisdom Builders, Whitestown, IN, May 2020 (Becky Emerick. Dir.)

New London Community School, New London, IA, November 2019 (Tara Schulte, Dir.)

Thunder Mountain HS Drama, Juneau, AK, November 2019 (Alex Klimkewicz, Dir.)

Grace United Methodist Church, Des Moines, IA, March 2019 (Patty Link, Dir.)

Cresset Christian Academy, Durham, NC, November 2018 (Stephanie Smith, Dir.)

Pearland Jr High West, Pearland, TX, November 2017 (Jamie Dies, Dir.)

Theatre Bugs, Norwood, Australia, July 2017 (Joni Combe, Dir.)

Theatre Works, Peoria, AZ, July 2017 (Chris Hamby, Dir.)

Terrell High School Theatre, Terrell, TX, May 2017

Wayland Union High Schools, Wayland, MI, March 2017 (Becky Black, Dir.)

Rehoboth Road Middle School, Griffin, GA, December 2016 (Blair Thompson, Dir.)

Meskwaki Settlement School, Tama, IA, November 2016 (Mary Fitzgerald, Dir.)

St. Paul’s Episcopal School, Oakland, CA, May 2016 (Marianne Miller, Dir.)

Southwest High School, Jacksonville, NC, May 2016 (Jessica Distin, Dir.)

Fernley High School, Fernley, NV, May 2015 (Tara Ferguson, Dir.)

Chi-Hi Thespians, Chippewa Falls, WI, April 2015 (Michele Nuttelman, Dir.)

Conner High School, Hebron, KY, March 2015 (Holly Hamilton, Dir.)

Published through YouthPLAYS, December 2014

Impact Church, Denham Springs, LA, June 2014 (James Winter, Dir.)

Wholly Ground, Walker, LA, June 2014 (James Winter, Dir.)

Reimers Auditorium, Hammond, LA, May 2014 (James Winter, Dir)

Cassidy Park Theatre Premiere Production, Bogalusa, LA, May 2014 (James Winter, Dir.)