Rover Dramawerks Semi-Finalist, Plano, TX, January 2017

Ten Minute Play Viral Workshop, October 2012 (Jen Whiting, Dir.)

Thespian Productions 2012 Summer Slam Showcase, Joria Theatre, New York City, NY, August 2012 (Kimberly Faith Hickman, Dir.)

West Coast Players 2012 One Act Weekend, Tampa, FL, June 2012 (Rick Kastel, Dir.)

Readers Theatre, Houston, TX, March 2012 (Ananka Kohnitz, Dir.)

“The script is tight and filled with comedy and conflict, love and laughter.”


A makeshift fairytale that’s really cute and really fun…”

~ Houston Press

After more years of searching than she'd care to admit, southern belle Cassandra Vanderclaw has finally found her own personal Prince Charming. But, when her dashing new beau reveals his deepest, darkest, screwiest secret, can she find it in her heart to push past her initial hang-ups and love him?