Cheating has been a hot topic issue for years…65 million to be exact! Journey back in time with Paleontologist Mark and his niece, Natalie, as they encounter Charlie the Cheat-A-Saurus, a young dinosaur who’d rather spend his days playing his RexBox than studying for his SATs (Scales and Tales Examination). But when the day of the big test arrives, an underprepared Charlie realizes he has a big decision to make: try the best he can…or cheat! Chock full of colorful new characters, zany one-liners, and audience participation, this follow-up to The Big Bad Bullysaurus entertains while teaching the importance of honesty and friendship.

Gordon Lee High School, Chickamauga, GA April 2017 (Nicole Walker, Dir.)

Glendale High School, Glendale, AZ, October 2016 (Vanessa Bernal, Dir.)

Publisher through YouthPLAYS, Nov 2014

The Edison, Cork, Ireland, July 2014 (Aisha Soto, Dir.)